Frequently Asked Questions


What does your creative process look like?

For our clients who choose to work with us for completely custom invitations, the creative process begins with a discussion of your vision and review of any inspiration imagery you've collected. We want the mood & magic of your day to seamlessly translate to your wedding invitations in a way that delights your guests and sets the tone for what is to come. We will chat about all the things that play a part in your invitations: materials, colors, print techniques, cultural considerations and appropriate verbiage so all of these elements can come together beautifully. We present our clients with two digitally mocked up concepts to review and revise before going to print. 
What assembly services do you offer?
Any elements in your suite that require our expertise to assemble will be done for you. This includes, but is not limited to: silk ribbon/twine tying, envelope liner assembly, wax seal stamping, and wrapping of enclosures or jackets. Otherwise, your invitations will arrive at your doorstep as separate pieces, ready for you to apply postage, stuff inside the envelopes, seal, and mail. 
How much postage do I need?
Your postage requirements will depend on the thickness and weight of your sealed, ready-to-mail envelope. We highly recommend bringing a finished, stuffed invitation suite to a trusted post office location to have it inspected and weighed before purchasing the recommended postage. Please keep in mind that rigid items like wax seals & ribbon knots, or irregularly shaped envelopes do incur additional postage, which is why we highly suggest visiting the post office before purchasing your postage. Tip: Don't forget to apply and purchase postage for your response envelopes!
What is letterpress?
Letterpress is a fine printing technique where text and imagery are pressed down or "debossed" into papers to create eye-catching depth and shadow. Typically printed on 100% cotton papers in order to create optimal "bite" and depth, letterpress is considered a luxury printing technique which gives your invitations an artisanal, elevated aesthetic. 
What other types of printing do you offer?
We love to infuse many different printing techniques into our projects. The most common types of printing we offer in addition to letterpress include full color digital (flat) printing, foil-press printing using a variety of high-shine metallic colors, engraving, thermography, screenprinting and embossing. 
How do I decide what type of printing and embellishments are right for my budget and wedding style?

Let US help you decide! There are many things to consider when deciding what print methods and materials are best to capture the mood of your wedding day and fortunately, we are experts at helping you discern what works best for you!

What areas do you serve?

We serve clients worldwide, including those based in the USA, Canada and Australia; and European countries including but not limited to the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece and The Netherlands.

 How much lead time do you need?
The sooner you reach out to us about your wedding invitations, the better! We prefer to book our wedding clients at least 6 months in advance of your wedding date. 9-12 months in advance if you plan to mail save-the-dates.
Can you accommodate a rush order?
Yes! We often have the bandwidth to accommodate a rush order. Please inquire with us about your wedding date if you are in a rush order situation. Typically our rush orders incur a 30% fee.