About Alaina

Hi! I’m Alaina. 
Since childhood, the natural world has always captivated me. I really wasn’t any different than most kids my age. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up (shocking, I know). But that was when caring about the earth and its creatures was simple. 
Fast forward many years later.
I’ve been a “paper person” for over a decade and have learned so much about what it means to be an independent, creative business owner. The natural world STILL captivates me, and I find myself not only drawn to nature-focused artistic expression, but also to protecting the natural beauty that I’ve become so fond of. Lumaca Paper was formed in 2020, grown out of the profound connection between these two practices. I hope that the art I create resonates with you, moves you, and piques your curiosity about what it means to live consciously.
So, what is it like to work with me?
I hope it feels like a breath of fresh air. Like I understand your vision inside and out, and make it effortlessly come to life in a tangible way. I laugh all the time, don’t take life too seriously, and promise to bend over backwards to exceed your expectations. Let’s connect!


Photo courtesy of Jenna Greenawalt