How to format your guest list

Wondering how to format your final guest list for use on escort cards, place cards and seating charts? We’re here to help.

Variable Data Printing
Variable data printing is a term we use to describe any printed item in which one or more elements change for each print. This type of printing is necessary for unique items, whether it’s someone’s address on an envelope, or their name and meal choice on a place card. The easiest way for us to ensure an error-free data merge when dealing with variable data, is to have a properly formatted spreadsheet file.

In either an Excel file or Google Sheets file, please include each of the following items in a separate column:

  • Column A – Guest Name
  • Column B – Table Number
  • Column C – Meal Choice

This file can be used to print escort cards, place cards and seating charts if desired.

Happy planning!

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