My experience using MidJourney

There's so much buzz surrounding AI right now, and image generating  technologies like Midjourney, and for good reason. It's an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. 

This program is fascinatingly addictive. Case in point: last week I purchased the most inexpensive Midjourney subscription. This week, I have already maxed out my allotted hours for the month.

So, how easy is it to use?

If you're looking for very specific stylistic images, there is a somewhat intense learning curve involving a lot of trial and error, but it's also simple enough for my 9 year old to use. The most key thing in generating accurate images, in my opinion, is your ability to verbally articulate the right keywords, descriptions, etc. So far, I've personally had the most success when I approach Midjourney like it's a google image search bar, but far more complex and powerful and requires a different set of search terms to be effective. I don't recommend adding TOO much detail while you're getting started. Ease into it and both learn and adjust to how to the bot handles the additional stylistic tidbits you provide it. Less is more, at least at the beginning. I can sense that the AI bot is learning my preferences as time has elapsed. In short, it's robot voodoo.

Here are some images I conceptualized by using a variety of prompts for the AI bot. Inspiration for these include coral reefs & Wes Anderson cinematography 🪸

Naturally, there are questions I keep coming back to: How can I use this tool to grow my business? To make my job easier? To make my clients happier? I have some ideas brewing, so please stay tuned!

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